About Us

2010: Edge7 began as a business that specialised in share market investing
Edge7 Value Investing was formed to provide a share picking subscription service and ‘The Edge Fund’ was formed to create a high performing investment fund.

The business was formed after watching the financial events of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Seeing the impact and aftermath that the GFC had on people’s lives sparked our founder Dean Mico’s interest in creating a business that looked after people’s financial wellbeing.

Health issues of a family member in 2014 created a situation where Dean made the difficult decision to close the investment fund to focus on restoring the health of that family member.

The distraction in 2014 on investment performance can be seen in the performance chart confirming that this was the right decision in the interest of his clients at the time, the investors in the fund.

2016: Edge7 Financial expanded into a full holistic financial planning firm

While passionate about personal wealth creation through property and share investing, yet frustrated by the lack of independent and unbiased advice supported by quality research supporting investment decisions, Dean has turned his attention to building a truly holistic financial planning and advisory practice.

2017: Edge7 Financial has fully integrated mortgage broking into the firm
Adding investment savvy mortgage broking to the firm’s suite of services adds value to our financial planning work and a new dimension to providing benefits to our clients.

July 2017: Edge7 Financial has closed the financial planning and mortgage broking business
Due to cash flow constraints of trying to get a small business off the ground from scratch.
Dean is still investing in shares for some of his financial planning and previous funds management clients and has just begun teaching people who want to learn how to invest in shares.

Meet our Team

Dean Mico Image WebDean Mico
Founder and CEO

Buying his first house at age 21 (1996) with his wife Naomi, Dean is passionate about building his client’s long-term personal wealth. Dean believes investing for one’s future is something that every Australian should be doing so that they can achieve financial independence as early as possible.

Dean developed an interest in the share market courtesy of a colleague at the time and bought his first ASX share investments at age 30 in 2005.

Dean is an active property and share market investor and has exceptional knowledge of the market trends. Dean wants to build long-term relationships with his clients and help his clients build both property and share portfolios so that they can retire comfortably and with more income in retirement.

With 21 years of property investment experience and 12 years successfully investing in the share market, Dean has the practical hands on experience to provide clients with specialist advice, a team to provide leading edge research and tools which will help his clients achieve their financial goals and personal dreams.

Dean holds a Bachelor of Business Degree, and Diplomas in Financial Planning and Mortgage Broking. Dean is also a Justice of the Peace in NSW choosing to do so as one way to give back to his local community.

Personable and down to earth, Dean is analytical with numbers and has a genuine interest in the wellbeing of his clients which combined are wonderful traits that allow him to improve the lives of his clients and their families.

Dean lives in Sydney with his wife and three sons.


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