Dean Mico Image WebEdge7 is operated by Dean Mico.

Edge7 began as a share picking subscription service which became a boutique funds management business.

Edge7 has also previously operated as a financial planning business.

Dean bought his first home in Sydney at age 21 (1996) and has been a property investor ever since.

Dean bought his first ASX shares at age 30 (2005) and too has been an active share market investor ever since.

It is however the mental stimulation and challenge of the share market that continually fascinates me.

The markets in 2018 are at a very interesting inflexion point.

I am going to document some of my short-term trades and longer-term ASX investments and also write about the property market, the share market and the economy.

I am in love with the process and just want to be the best trader and investor I can be.

I hold a Bachelor of Business Degree, and a Financial Planning qualification.

In 2018, I have just begun a Master of Applied Finance Degree.

I read about a book a fortnight and keep active with either a swim, bike or run workout most days.

I live in Sydney with my wife and three sons.

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