80 20 Rule

80/20 Rule of Financial Advice

I met with my financial planning licensee last week and part of our discussion centred around attracting new clients.

My licensee reiterated information I already knew. But, the reaffirmation of this information created a light bulb moment for me (there is a small spark up there occasionally).

In short
He suggested that 20% of the population retire self-sufficiently while 80% of the population retire having to rely on a government pension which forms the majority of their income in retirement.

These statistics are actually generous as demonstrated in the second video on this page titled ‘Why we do what we do here at Edge7 Financial’, but it helps make the point.

Not so coincidentally
Only 20% of the population see a financial adviser at any time in their life.

Therefore 80% of the population do not see a financial adviser at any time in their life.

The Question

Do you think it is possible that the 20% retiring self-sufficiently are also in the 20% cohort that visit a financial adviser at least once in their life time?

       20% See a Financial Adviser -> 20% Retire Comfortably

80% Never see a Financial Advisor -> 80% Retire with the Government Pension


The Uptake
On one hand this means only 20% of the population is my target market.

On the other hand, I have a massive opportunity as 80% of the population creates an unlimited source of potential new clients.

Which side of the 80 / 20 Rule do you want to retire to?

If you want to be in the 20% retiring comfortably it may be in your interest to call us today, it could be the best thing you do this month.

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