DMP Weekly 9 Feb

Investment: Dominos (ASX: DMP)

Dominos Pizza Enterprises Limited (ASX: DMP) is a business with a global growth profile into 2025.

Fundamentally, it enjoys high profitability, has a bit of debt, ok cashflow and pays dividends.

Technically, I have made a long term investment at $47.50 when the share price broke a downtrend that began after the stock peaked at $80.

This stock has been very good to me having initially bought it at $9 and selling after the uptrend finished at $72 (an eight bagger).

The company will report its half-yearly results in the next week or so.  They have previously flagged growth for 1H18 in the 7-9% range increasing that in 2H18 to circa 20%.  Price could go anywhere in the short term particularly after the half- yearly result.


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