Teach A Man To Fish Proverb

Learn to Invest in Shares

Do you want to learn to invest in shares?

If so, I can show you how to invest in shares to make consistent capital gains and develop a reliable income stream from the share market.

Having invested in the share market since 2005, run my own boutique ASX-based investment fund throughout 2010 to 2014 and advised clients about what shares to buy as a financial planner in 2016 and 2017, I have the tools, techniques and experience to ‘teach a man to fish’ in the share market.

I currently manage five share portfolios directly and provide general advice to another four couples who receive buy/hold/sell recommendations from me on a weekly basis.

Why teach?
Recently, I have taught two separate friends what I know about the share market.
This process of teaching some friends has led to me developing a short course distilling what I have learned over many years and thousands of hours into a short course.

Having learned the hard way through 10’s of thousands of hours of trial and error, I wish I had someone I could have turned to so that I could have taken years off my learning curve. This would have also saved me $10,000’s in ‘mistakes’ along the way.

So, why not put my knowledge to good use?

Investing in Shares is about Knowing Two Main Elements:
1. What shares to buy; and
2. When to buy them (and sell them)

What Shares to Buy
I use a process called Fundamental Analysis to determine which companies to buy on the ASX.
I personally only buy shares in the 50 highest quality, most profitable and safest companies listed on the ASX market (out of a universe of 2,000 listed companies).
I can teach you fundamental analysis so that you know which are the best shares to buy.

When to Buy Them (and Sell Them)
I use a process called Technical Analysis to determine when to buy shares in these safe, high quality, high profit businesses referred to above.
Technical Analysis is studying the chart patterns and the trends to ‘time’ my buying when the probability of the share price going up is high.
And, I use this same study of the chart patterns and the trends to know when to sell (take profits) when the probability that the share price has stopped going up is high.
I can teach you technical analysis so that you know when to buy and sell shares.

What Shares to Buy and When to Buy Them
By combining the best of both worlds, buying shares in the best companies at the right time, this creates consistent capital gains and reliable dividend income.

This short course will not recommend any shares to buy or consider your financial circumstances, it will simply give you the real-world knowledge and practical tools to apply in the manner that suits you with the goal being for you to generate consistent long term capital gains and reliable dividend income from the share market.

Being an ad hoc request for some training, I charged one of my friends just $440 for a two-hour detailed session which focused solely on ‘When to buy shares’ ie the technical analysis.
What he learned will make him $10,000’s if not $100,000’s in his lifetime and save him years of making the mistakes I learned the hard way. Do you think that is good value?

Pricing will depend on what you want to learn and how much knowledge you already have.

If you want to learn how to fish in the share market to feed yourself for a lifetime, just get in touch.

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