Magellan Financial Group Limited (ASX:MFG)

Magelllan Financial Group LogoMagellan Financial Group Limited (ASX:MFG) is a specialist funds management business based in Sydney.

Magellan manages global equities and global listed infrastructure strategies.

Magellan operate six global investment funds in total.  They have two Global Funds (one is hedged);  two Infrastructure Funds (again one is hedged) a High Conviction Fund and the Magellan Flagship Fund which is also listed on the ASX under the code MFF.

What is there to like about Magellan’s business?

1. Magellan enjoys a significant tailwind with a strong pipeline of inflows adding new funds under management each month.  Magellan began in 2008 with a few billion under management.  Today, the company manages about $23 billion and has the capacity and a pipeline of distribution channels virtually guaranteeing new fund inflows each month.  Magellan present that they expect to be managing in the vicinity of $70 billion by the year 2018.

2. This growth in funds under management creates the potential for significant revenue and net profit growth for many years to come.

3. Magellan invests in arguably some of the best performing businesses around the globe.  In a way, Magellan’s shareholders receive the benefit of the performance of those global businesses via an Australian domiciled company.  Some of Magellan’s large international holdings as of June 2014 include:

  • Microsoft (USA)
  • eBay (USA)
  • Tesco (UK)
  • Nestle (Switzerland)
  • Visa (USA)
  • Oracle (USA)

What are the risks facing this business?
One risk is the ability of the company to produce significant returns on investment particularly if / when global equity markets fall for a significant period of time.

Is it run by able and trustworthy management?
Magellan’s CEO and Portfolio Manager is Hamish Douglass.  I form my investment views from a wide range of sources.  There are a number of people both here in Australia and internationally that I am happy to read everything they write and even happier to watch every video presentation they make.  Mr Douglass is one of those people.

Is it trading at a bargain price?
Magellan on my valuations is not trading at a bargain price.  However, with the tailwinds behind this business, its performance to date and the intelligence of the manager, it would be a pleasant surprise if this business was trading at a cheap price.

Company Code Rank 2014 Actual Valuation Today’s Share Price Margin of Safety 2015 Forecast Valuation 2016 Forecast Valuation
Magellan Financial Group Limited MFG Gold 1 $8.95 $13.37 -46% $9.15 $10.02

*Valuations subject to change on a daily/weekly basis

The Chart
After falling from the high $12’s in July 2013 to the high $9’s in December 2013, Magellan gave a nice clean buy signal for my system in December 2013.

In summary, Magellan is an excellent business run by a very intelligent manager.  Magellan has a long run way ahead courtesy of a large pipeline of new funds under management flowing into the business.  In a way, Magellan is a proxy for receiving international investment performance from some excellent global businesses without having to research abroad.

This article is published by Dean Mico.

Disclosure: The Edge Fund owns shares in Magellan Financial Group Limited.
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