Reporting Season Wrap – Part 4

Reporting Season has pretty much finished and on balance the core stocks we hold are fundamentally stronger than they were this time last year. Here is my thoughts on some of our main holdings that reported in the fourth week.

NIB Holdings Limited (ASX:NHF) is a relatively new holding in the Edge Fund. We have held some of this stock since October 2013.  It is simply a reliable and steady business that has a growing demographic.  I will write some more detail about NIB in the not to distant future.  Weekly chart included…
NIB HOLDINGS LIMITED (click to enlarge)

McMillan Shakespeare Limited (ASX:MMS) is a company I have discussed a few times in the past year or so.  It reported good results and more importantly the outlook is bright.  After breaking out in May, it decided to take the scenic route in June and July.  Fortnightly chart attached…

Flight Centre Limited (ASX:FLT)
published results that were flagged to the market but still were a little sub par due to a couple of varying ‘one-off’ costs.  This is one of the stocks which has sat at the core of Edge7 and driven our performance since Christmas 2011.  The outlook for the next year or two looks good.  The market appears to have priced in the relatively lower results in the April to June period and I think this looks like it has the potential to go higher from here.  Weekly chart below…

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