100 Years Ago To 100 Years To Go

100 Years Ago to 100 Years to Go

100 Years of Enormous Change
The world has seen enormous changes in the last 100 years since 1916, at that point in time, the worst of the Great Depression was still twenty years away.

Successful Investors

Successful investors know successful investing occurs over decades and across generations. Short term fluctuations settle out. Long term trends dominate.

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Estate Planning Is Succession Planning

Estate Planning is Succession Planning

Estate Planning is really Succession Planning.

Succession planning considers that a family is in one way a vertically-integrated economic unit.
That is, that one day upon your passing, your assets are bequeathed to your children and their children. This process of succession planning can also be called Inter-Generational Financial Planning.

The Family Home is a key component when making estate planning decisions. The family home contains two great benefits for you and your children.

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Melbourne Property Prices

Melbourne Property Prices

The Australian Bureau of Statistics in June released their quarterly Residential Property Prices Index for Eight Capital Cities for the March 2016 quarter.

Melbourne appears to be holding an uptrend in prices for the time being.

However, with some of the other capital cities showing slower momentum, the question remains how much longer will Melbourne Property Prices continue rising?

Melbourne Property Prices Quarterly ChartMelbourne Property Prices

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