Doing business with Mr Market

In Benjamin Graham’s book The Intelligent Investor he introduced the clever image of ‘Mr Market’, explaining how stocks can become mispriced.  Benjamin Graham suggested that doing business with Mr Market is like doing business with a person who exhibits bi-polar…

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A stock buyer’s checklist

Just as Santa makes a list and checks it twice prior to delivering presents to the kids around the world, before I make a purchase in the share market, I ask myself a few questions, a checklist if you will,…

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Avoiding bad stocks

Not only is Edge Seven’s value investing methodology great for investing in the best stocks, it is just as importantly helping people to avoid buying the worst stocks. I am frequently asked ‘Is there a way to avoid buying shares…

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A recipe for success

When investing in businesses, whether listed on the stock exchange or unlisted, there are some specific qualities that investors should look for. These qualities are like a list of ingredients to a great recipe. The recipe for operating a high…

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What is Value Investing?

Value Investing in the share market is a process of estimating the value of a company on a per share basis. This estimate of value is often referred to as the company’s intrinsic value. There are a number of ways…

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