We are very lucky to have great customers to work for.  Here is what some of them have said:


We received the attached five-star review on our Facebook page:
I highly recommend Dean to anyone requiring an honest switched on Financial Planner. I found Dean to be very knowledgable and I just feel like he had my best interests at heart.
Peta and Blake
Lalor Park NSW
27 February 2017


We sat down with Dean after having a chat with his staff at the Sydney Property Buyer Expo in October.

Dean took the time to completely understand our situation and circumstances. After meeting with another adviser, we opted to utilise Edge7’s services as we felt more comfortable with him and the advice provided and were confident in his ability to deliver.

Edge7 Financial have set us up with our own Self-Managed Super Fund and also a Family Trust structure so that we can move forward and achieve our goals.

Dean communicated every step of the way along the process from the initial meeting to the implementation and we believe he and Edge7 will provide the ongoing management and support required to give us the best future possible.
Darryl and Dylan
Beverly Hills NSW
10 December 2016


I met with Dean after watching his superannuation video and realising I may need some help to make sure I have enough money to live comfortably in retirement.

Dean took the time to understand my situation and circumstances.  At our first meeting, he recommended advice and a course of action which I was happy with.  However, Dean upon going away and thinking further about my situation came back to me with a recommendation that was a simplified version of the advice given at our first meeting.  This simplified advice involved less administration on my part, was cheaper and still got me the same retirement outcome which exceeded my goals in retirement.

Dean communicated every step of the way along the process from the initial meeting to the implementation and now ongoing management of our financial situation.  I now know that I will have a comfortable retirement.  I would recommend his services to anyone.
Leppington NSW
19 October 2016


Dean did a great job to understand our situation, assess our circumstances, and delivered the right advice. He then provided the implementation to invest in a better portfolio of shares via our self-managed super fund.
Dean communicated every step of the way along the process from the initial meeting to the implementation and now ongoing management of our self-managed super fund. We highly recommend his services.

Joseph & Maria
Claremont Meadows NSW
28 September 2016


Thanks Dean, and a great result.
Best regards

Doug & Rita Russell
South Penrith NSW
Via email 9 September 2014


Hi Dean, I read your monthly letter for August and thanks for producing another good result.  A different kind of letter from you this month.  I really like how you not only put in the good things but so openly point out what has not quite worked out as planned.  As you know, apart from having funds with you, I like to dabble with my own portfolio and the stocks you mention in your letters has been a good source of stock picks for me.  I’m looking forward to next month’s letter.  Tony
Tony and Madeline
6 September 2014


Hi Dean,

I am one of the Senior Editors here at Seeking Alpha PRO. I came across some of your instablog posts and was impressed with your work. Have you ever thought about writing up your work and submitting it for standard premium publication?

Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested in pursuing the opportunity to submit premium content with us. Being an approved author is a mark of excellence and assures readers of your quality and credibility.

Michael McDonald
Senior Editor
Seeking Alpha PRO
SA Editor Mike McDonald August 27 at 3:18am


We are always on the look out for good opportunities and we think this is one.  This is why we chose to invest with the Edge Fund.
T & J
Brighton SA

June 2014


As the current largest Edge Fund investor, I would encourage potential investors to consider Dean!
Graham Collins
South Penrith NSW
Via Facebook 2 January 2014


Since 2009, the majority of my retirement savings has been in an account managed by a financial planning organisation.  While this account provided me with an income in retirement, my account balance has barely changed in over four years.  Having watched Dean’s progress and strategies with increasing interest over the past 18 months, I decided to transfer the vast majority of my retirement savings to be managed and grown by The Edge Fund.  And, since joining The Edge Fund and receiving Dean’s monthly update reports, I can see the attention to detail that he affords the share market which confirms the reasons for his out performance.  In short, I can enjoy my life with the belief that The Edge Fund will generate more income for me and greater capital appreciation which will not only benefit me now, but my kids and grand kids in time.
Graham C
South Penrith NSW
December 2013


Hi Dean,

It was with great pleasure that I read your email to Sarah. At last we have found someone who can deliver results in a no-nonsense way. I have been following the stocks on your list and have noticed how many have found support and bounced, and I somehow knew you wouldn’t be missing the opportunities. It is a great result. You must be very proud. Next time we should chat on the phone as you have obviously invested a lot of time in writing your comprehensive email and probably could have said it with less time and effort. Of course if you can turn it into a monthly report for all clients then that is another matter altogether.

It all sounds great Dean. Thanks for the long email and best of luck for September.


Phil & Sarah Lethbridge, Cairns QLD via email 30 August, 2013


Nice start this week mate with your valueedge.  Your charts are a bit messy but their practical and combined with the fundamentals they work.  So far, so good.
Pete, Busselton WA
July 2013


I wish I had someone to give me an education like this when I started in shares.  Prior to receiving Dean’s education, I always seem to either buy shares that were ‘cheap’ only to see them going down further and then watch them jump instantly after I took my loss.  Or, I would buy the ones everyone talks about going much higher only to see them fall after I have bought.  It was like the share market new what I was doing and always worked against me.

Even though it is expensive, I figured I had lost a lot more money in shares over the years than the cost of the Active Value Investing Education package so what have I got to lose.  Dean’s education has opened my eyes and I’m now making profitable investments and even some shorter trades.  Highly recommended!!!
Emily, Strathfield NSW
July 2013


“your one of the best traders I have ever met”
Assad Tannous (15 years trading experience), Asenna Wealth Solutions via Twitter on June 9, 2013


You should have a slogan that says “Another great call bought to you by Deano”.
The Magician, Melbourne VIC
May 2013


Dean, thanks for playing your part in helping me win the contract to sell a new product range within my business.  And more importantly, thanks for your guidance since winning the contract to set up strategies in the areas of marketing, recruitment, sales coverage and cash flow to make sure we maximise this opportunity.
Mark, Business Owner, Berowra NSW
October 2012


Very informative, clear and easy to understand explanations. Dean has made it that much easier to hop on the trading game.
Rod, Penrith NSW
August 2012


Good on you for setting up this service – it is the only one I’ve found that meets my needs and is in my price range. It only took me 60 seconds to convince my wife to take the subscription.
Matt G, Sydney NSW
May 2012


I can’t recall how I found you, but I’m glad I did.
Tom B
April 2012


I subscribed to Edge7’s valueEdge subscription because it has given me certainty about my investing decisions.  It has put me on the path to an early retirement and more time with my kids.  Thank you very much.
J Boyce, Budgewoi NSW
March 2012


We have learnt which facts to find and how to put these facts together into a clear analysis so that we can invest and profit with a lot more certainty.  It really is a rational business-like approach to investing in stocks.
M & A Whiticker, Cambridge Park NSW
February 2012


Thanks to Edge Seven, I have set up my own Self Managed Super Fund and have taken control of my financial retirement by value investing into the best stocks.
N Collins, Sydney  NSW
January 2012


After previously losing money on the share market, I now for the first time have made money on the share market thanks to this simple and logical approach to investing – thank you Dean.
G Wilson, Castle Hill, NSW
December 2011


valueEdge helps me invest in the best companies whey they are good value. valueEdge helps me make decisions about what to stocks to invest in, how to invest and when to invest.
Lyn Drew, Emu Plains NSW
November 2011

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